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Business Expansion

Just to let everyone know our good news and share it with you, We are excited and proud to announce the acquisition of Central Garage (Kiveton) Recovery giving GVS Recovery an extra base and additional resources allowing us to expand out to cover a greater area which now will including Worksop as well as Rotherham Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley.

Potholes: Reporting, Damage Claims and Repairs

M1 Maximum Speed Limit Consultation

A consultation on the proposal to introduce a maximum mandatory speed limit as part of the planned upgrade to the M1 in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands has been published today, Monday 6 January.

Press release Yorkshire and the Humber 6 January 2014

'Drink-drive temptation' in summer

TWICE AS MANY drivers think there are more temptations to drink-drive in the summer than the winter, according to an AA/Populus survey.
Younger drivers (aged 18 to 24) are more likely than older ones (55-64) to be lured into having summer drinks before getting behind the wheel, the poll revealed.
Regionally, drivers in north-west England were most tempted to drink and drive in the summer, while those in Scotland and Northern Ireland were least likely to do so.
If faced with designated drivers who had had too many, most drivers (68%) would confiscate their keys and call a cab.

Increase in fixed penalty charges

In case you missed the item on this week’s news, as from 1st July the fines for not wearing seat belts, using a mobile while driving and other offences have increased significantly. You will all no doubt be pleased to hear the middle lane hoggers can also now be fined for driving without consideration for other road users. HOWEVER be warned this also applies to trucks overtaking others and in doing so due to the slight variation on speed take a long time to compete the manoeuvre, there is already case history of prosecutions on the A14 in Cambridgeshire, no doubt more will follow.

The Origin of the Peugeot Car

The Origin of the Peugeot Car
The Peugeot car is a masterpiece in design, with performance unlike any other vehicle on the market today. Whether you own a diesel or petrol fueled Peugeot, there is no doubt you feel blessed and proud to be the owner of this type of vehicle, but did you know it has a rich history you can be proud of as well?

The Peugeot History 
The Peugeot brand is one of the oldest brands on the market for cars today; however, when the business first began, its work had little to do with car parts.