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Vehicle Collection & Delivery

Have You Just Bought a New Vehicle?

Or Need a Vehicle Moving From A to B?


If you have just bought a new vehicle either through an Internet auction site, salvage auction or even a private seller then why not use our collection and deliver service to move your new vehicle for you. Even if you just want to move a vehicle from one place to another for any reason we are here to help. We keep things legal for you and treat your vehicle with care at all times with our fully insured service so you don't have to worry while its is in our hands.


If you are not insured or the vehicle is not road worthy then you could stand the risk of loosing your new vehicle and a large fine together with endorsement on you driving licence. So avoid the risk and use our services to get your vehicle moved legally and safely.

It Doesn't matter what your vehicle is we can move just about anything, including Motorbike, Cars, 4X4s, Vans and Light Commercials up to 3.5 tons with one of our purpose built fleet of Vehicles. We can even move Trailers and Caravans for you if your vehicle is not equipped with a tow bar.

Why not give us a call or email us to find out more information

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