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Is your vehicle ready for winter?


Have you had your vehicle checked over for the winter to try and avoid unwanted breakdowns? Winter is one of the most popular times of year to breakdown due to poor maintinance or vehicle neglect. The most common being battery failures, closely followed by low antifreeze content in coolant system which can lead to engine freezing solid, along with other items that could all be checked before the cold weather finally arrives for good.

GVS 24Hr Recovery can offer you a comprehensive vehicle winter check to eliminate most problems that would cause you to breakdown this winter. All carried out by fully qualified and trained vehicle technicians. This can all be done at your home or work and will give you piece of mind that you will not breakdown due to something that is easily checked before hand.

With batteries being the number one reason for breakdown in winter this is one of the items we can fully check along with the starting and charging system and give you a full print out on condition of all the key items in these systems.

For more in formation on everything that is checked or to talk to a technician before booking your vehicle in for a winter check then simply give us a call, we are ready and waiting to help you.

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